Safety First

Any visitor, Hippo Creek Member and / or any other person participating in shooting activities and / or visiting as part of the audience, must comply with the rules and regulations as noted below, in order to promote a safe shooting environment for shooters, audience and staff alike.

Safety First!!

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others.
All accidents are preventable.
Do not indulge in horseplay on the ranges or near firearms.
Never wear slippery footwear, wear appropriate attire.
Practice good housekeeping.
The consumption of food beverages is prohibited while on the ranges.
The consumption of alcohol beverages is prohibited while on the ranges and before shooting.
Make sure your firearm is safe and unloaded before leaving the range and before storage.
Never climb obstacles such as trees and fences with a loaded firearm.
Never shoot at a hard or flat surface like water at an angle as the ricochet could injure yourself or others.
Firearms have no brains so please use your own before pulling the trigger.
Before firing a shot, make sure that it is safe at the target and beyond.
Always comply with the instructions of the range official.

Range Rules

  1. The Range Officer has complete authority on the range.
  2. Only point a firearm at that which you wish to see destroyed.
  3. Only point a gun down-range when firing in line.
  4. If a shooter has a malfunction on the firing line, which he cannot readily clear, he shall keep the weapon pointed down range and indicate to the Range Officer by raising his weak hand.
  5. No liquor or drugs or anyone under the influence thereof is allowed on the range or its precincts.
  6. Non-shooters are to remain 10m behind the Range Officer.
  7. No children or pets allowed on the ranges.  Children wishing to shoot must get the permission from the Range Officer and then may shoot under direct supervision of an adult or responsible person.
  8. Shooters on the line must wear ear and eye protection.
  9. No guns are allowed in the Bar area.
  10. No rifle shooting permitted on the shotgun ranges, and visa versa.
  11. No shooting allowed at bottles, stones, cans or foreign objects.  Shooting may only be at official targets and target frames approved by Hippo Creek.
  12. All new rifles must be sighted in at 50m before shooting commences.
  13. No person may use the club ranges and facilities unless the above rules are adhered to.

Shooting Ranges